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Breeze Runtime as a Windows Service


The file configuration.yaml should be located under the workspace root.

The file can be create via the Create-Service.bat script (assuming default install location the script files will be located: C:\Program Files\Prediktera\Breeze\Scripts). The Log On user needs to be updated to the same user which normally run Breeze (as to access the .Prediktera directory located in $Env:USERPROFILE and update files in the workspace directory).

The service name should be BreezeRuntimeService.

To remove the service the script Delete-Service.bat can be executed.

Sample configuration.yaml file

    id: 7431d39d
    name: Nuts_Classification
        - TakeDarkReference
        - TakeWhiteReference
        - StartPredict

id and name cannot be combined, this will result in an exception.

The file will be loaded with the default camera settings and the camera will be initialized before the workflow is loaded.

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