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Event Server

Breeze Runtime can be used in conjunction with an optional event server. If BreezeRuntime.exe is started with a /e argument, events and errors from Breeze Runtime will be sent over this separate channel. Breeze Runtime will act as the client to the event server in this case.

Note that all errors except those in command responses will be sent over this channel.

The message format is unindented JSON ended with:

CR + LF (ASCII 13 + ASCII 10)

When Breeze Runtime is started it will repeatedly try to connect to the event server. If the event server disconnects it will start to try to connect again.

There are two optional arguments to the /e switch, where the IP address or IP address + port can be specified, e.g. “/e:” or “/e:”. The default IP address is and the default port is 4000.

Time format

Using the event server will also change the system time format to ROS time. This will be indicated in the reply from command GetStatus. This will change the time value in the data coming on the data stream. The time value represents the time that has elapsed since 12:00:00 midnight on January 1, 1970, UTC, where the upper unsigned 32 bits is the no of seconds and the lower unsigned 32 bits is the no of nanoseconds.

Event changes

The event BreezeRuntimeStarted will be sent when Breeze Runtime has started and is connected to the event server. For a complete list of events, please see the section Command Errors and Events.

Events specific to the event server

Event Code





Breeze Runtime has started and connected to Event Server

White reference intensity

Using the event server will default to useWhiteRefIntensity

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