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v2023.1 (January 19, 2023)

Major changes

  • Added Signal To Noise (SNR) ratio wavelength table step in model wizard

  • Selection of samples by percentage from each class randomly in the model wizard

  • Integration of INNO-SPEC RedEye camera DRAFT

  • Added descriptor for quantification statistics (error%) Statistics (properties)

  • RGB rendering default algoritm changed to improve the visual results

Minor changes

  • Add original file name into header file during import

  • Rotation of images having dark and white reference

  • Fixed timeout problem when recording using Specim cameras

    • Would cause slower start up when using Specim cameras

  • Fixed problem moving out tray in UmBio Inspector

  • Added white reference scan option for test scan

  • Added gap option for grid and insets

  • Added HySpex Rotation stage support

  • General bug fixes

  • General gui improvements

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