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Grid and inset

Create a grid on an object. Default settings create a 3x3 grid.



  • Grid

    • Choose the size of the grid.

  • Area

    • Choose the size of the grid element.


Choose which pixels are included in the grid.


  • 4 values 0;0;0;15

    • Top;Left;Bottom;Right

    • Right hand side of the image is offset byt 15 pixels, other offsets are set to 0

  • 2 values 0;15

    • [Top and Bottom];[Left and Right]

    • Top and bottom offset set to 0, left and right set to 15 pixels

  • Single value 15

    • Top, bottom, left and right offset set to 15 pixels

Sample insets

Results of insets


✅ The insets take away a percentage of the image.

⬜ The insets take away pixels instead of a percentage.


Specify padding gap between each segments.

Format: Column;Row

X and Y padding.

Min area

The minimum number of pixels for an object to be included.

Max area

The maximum number of pixels for an object to be included.

If 0 no maximum area is defined.

Object filter

Use an expression to further exclude unwanted objects based on shape.

Properties that can be used for the Expression:

  • Area

  • Length

  • Width

  • Circumference

  • Regularity

  • Roundness

  • Angle

  • D1

  • D2

  • X

  • Y

  • MaxBorderDistance

  • BoundingBoxArea

For details on each available property see: Object properties Details


Takes away x numbers of pixels at the borders of the objects included in images.


  • Normal

    • Can have both separated and combined objects.

  • Separate adjacent objects

    • All objects are defined separately.

  • Merge all objects into one

    • All objects are defined as one.

  • Merge all objects per row

    • All objects per row segmentation are defined as one.

  • Merge all objects per column

    • All objects per column segmentation are defined as one.

Applies To

Only visible when applicable

When Applies to is used only objects from the selected segmentation will be used for the next segmentation on the analyse tree.

Only objects from Sample2 will be used for Representative spectrum segmentation

This is denoted by the dashed line from the Object node to the segmentation which only is applied to a subset of all applicable segmentation.

Only visible when applicable

Link output objects from two or more segmentations to top segmentation. Descriptors can then be added to the common object output and will be calculated for objects from all segmentations.

Descriptors after object will be calculated for all three segmentations (Sample1, Sample2 and Sample3)

The segmentations must be at same level to be available for linking.

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