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Installing Java

Breeze requires Java 64-bit version 22 or later installation to run. It is bundled in the installation on Windows and Linux, but for Mac it most be be installed separately.


Please follow this link,, you should get directed to the correct version based on your installed operative system (e.g. Mac or Linux). Choose your Operating System, Architecture type and set the Package Type to JRE.

Increasing RAM available to Breeze on Mac

The default setting on Mac only allows up to 4 GB RAM. Follow these instructions to allow access to all RAM on your Mac.

  1. Right-click and open application content in Finder (open

  2. Edit Info.plist according to this image

  3. Change this number to the memory (RAM) available on the computer, for example:

    1. -Xmx4000M = 4 GB

    2. -Xmx8000M = 8 GB

    3. -Xmx16000M = 16 GB

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