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Lucid Control (Action)

Send analog voltage or current using Lucid Control AO4 module as part of a workflow. Read more on the module specification at:


COM Port

The COM port where the Lucid Control AO4 module is connected.


The channel to send the signal on, 1-based.

Create a new action for each channel to use


The Descriptors input to the action.


If the Descriptor is a classifications descriptor then the values from Values list will be used as voltage or current for each class based on class index

Index 0 is NO_CLASS

Same voltage or current can be set multiple times and the values is not required to be in any specific order.

Quantification or other

If the descriptor is any other type than classification the analog output voltage or current will be between min and max values supplied from the module.

The range of the signal may be specified using the Values list parameter to indicate which values are expected min and max. See examples below.

Values list

Semi-colon (;) separated class index to voltage (or current) list.

Or the min and max interval of the input. Semi-colon (;) or dash (-) separated.


The examples uses a Lucid Control AO4 with type number LCTR-AO4-20M4 and an output current range of 4 mA to 20 mA.


When the Descriptor is set to a classification type descriptor the Values list parameter should contain classes to voltage or current as a semi-colon separated list.

Values list = 4;10;12;14;16;18;20

This will result in the current output being set to 4 mA when an object does not have any class.

If the object has been classified as Pecan the output current will be set to 10 mA. 12 mA for Shell and so on.


If the Descriptor is set to a non-classification type (such as quantification of Baking soda in this case) the Values list parameter should contain the min and max value of the property to output.

Values list = 20-90

Any values of the property Baking soda below 20 will result in minimum current output, in this case 4 mA.

Value between the specified range is outputted as:

Where is 20 and is 90 and

Non-classification (optional output range)

Same workflow as for the example above but with the values list as such:

Values list = 20-90=5-20

This would indicate that the output range is 5 mA to 20 mA. And in this example and

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