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Manual selection (segmentation)

To use manual selection in pixel explorer the user needs to select the (Pixel Explore) for a measurement.

  1. The user selects a part of the measurement to include

  2. Click on the (Add Sample(s) from selection) at the bottom of the wizard.

This makes it possible for the user to select and make their own objects from the measurement.


Min area

The minimum number of pixels for an object to be included.


The category to assign the manual segmentation.

Default class

Default class to assign the manual segmentation.

Only visible when applicable

Link output objects from two or more segmentations to top segmentation. Descriptors can then be added to the common object output and will be calculated for objects from all segmentations.

Descriptors after object will be calculated for all three segmentations (Sample1, Sample2 and Sample3)

The segmentations must be at same level to be available for linking.

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