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Store White and Dark reference

This user guide shows how to store a white or dark reference so it can be used for more than one image.

In Breeze, the default option is to always take a new white and dark reference before a new measurement is recorded. But if some applications this is not possible therefor Breeze can save both a white and dark reference and store them to be used for multiple recordings.

Start by opening Breeze and go into settings to connect to your camera Hardware guides. When the camera is connected go to “Measurement” in the menu to the left.

In “Measurement” you will find “Reference valid time” where you can select how long your White or Dark

Dark reference should only be stored if your camera doesn’t have an automatic shutter.

If the camera is placed in a environment where the surrounding illumination changes a lot the time the white reference needs to be retaken more often.

After you have set the valid time you can either take the references or import an old reference.

It is recommended to take a new reference instead of importing an old one.

You can examine you references by pressing “View”

If you’re not satisfied with the reference you can press “Clear”

Do the necessary changes before pressing take again.

When the new White or Dark reference is taken you can see a timer starting to count down

When the time hits zero it's time to scan the reference again.

If you are about to record a new image and the valid time has run out you will get a message before you scan that a new White or Dark reference will be taken

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