Use the USGS library to classify the pixels in the images.



Select up to 5 MICA mcf files


Apply one or more pretreatments, see Pretreatments


Minimum score value required for classification of a specific class

Rule images

Calculates each pixel based on each class and see how well they compare to each other. The lower the value the more accurate the pixel spectra are to the class spectrum from the MICA file.

✅ Apply the rule images to all the classes in the library.

⬜ Rule images are not applied.


Smooth prediction result using median filter kernel

  • None

    • No Smoothing prediction.

  • Low

    • Smoothing using median filter kernel with 5x5 pixel box

  • Medium

    • Smoothing using median filter kernel with 10x10 pixel box

  • High

    • Smoothing using median filter kernel with 15x15 pixel box


  • Type

    • Depicts the classified pixels in the table view.

  • Depth

    • Depicts how certain the model is in its classification. Values are between (0 - 1).