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Web service (Action)

Send spatial data of the detected object to the control system as a HTTP POST with JSON body


IP / Host

Specify the IP address or host name along with the HTTP or HTTPS protocol. If no protocol is provided, the default will be http://.

EXAMPLE https://localhost:8080


Include any extra URL path segments that are needed for the endpoint.

EXAMPLE /cortana

User name


Enter your username here if basic HTTP authentication is required.



Input your password for basic HTTP authentication, if applicable.


Using the examples above the HTTP POST will be sent to https://localhost:8080/cortana with the default body of:

  "class": NUMBER,
  "endFrameNumber": NUMBER,
  "startFrameNumber": NUMBER

If spatial data can be collected from the object the body will the also include these properties:

  "class": NUMBER,
  "endFrameNumber": NUMBER,
  "startFrameNumber": NUMBER,
  "x": NUMBER,
  "y": NUMBER,
  "boundHeight": NUMBER,
  "boundWidth": NUMBER

To read more information on spatial object properties see: Object properties Details

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