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Depth registration


Enable depth registration by clicking on the Measurement node in the Analyse Tree and enable it on the right settings panel. You can also set the Unit that should be used in the registration.

When depth registration is enabled you can access the Depth Reg. tab.

Steps to do registration:

  1. Enter the Start depth and End depth of the box in the right settings panel

  2. Choose the number of Lines, line width and direction of the core, by click on the Lines icon.

    1. You can change the center position by clicking on the end or the beginning of the line and drag with the mouse

  3. Select the type want to add

    1. Core

    2. Ruble

    3. Loss

    4. True depth

  4. Double click on the line to add it be moving the mouse and click again to stop add.

Segmentation and descriptors

Add segmentation Depth registration (segmentation) to the Analyse tree to segment the areas from core registration.

Add descriptor Registration depth to get the Start, End or Length of the area in the table

You can also add “Grid and insets” to divide the core area into smaller parts using Type = Area and preferred Unit.

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