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HAIP Solutions

There are known limitations in camera performance, please contact Prediktera support for information on how to handle this if you are interested in integrating a HAIP Solutions camera

HAIP Solutions BlackIndustry Sensor push-broom linescanner camera for short-wave infrared hyperspectral imaging.


Network Adapter IP

Set the IP address of the NIC (Network interface controller) manually or select from the drop down menu.


All available HAIP cameras will be presented with manufacture exposed name, like: Black Industry SWIR 1.7


Select which mode to use on the camera.

All available modes are presented in the drop down.

Additional configuration

Enabling Jumbo Frames for GigE Vision cameras

For optimal performance it is recommended to use Ethernet package sizes (MTU) which are larger than 1500 bytes. Recommended package size is ~9000 bytes or higher depending on the support of the used network controller. Your whole network infrastructure e.g. switches should support this Ethernet package size if not the GenTL will use the largest possible size.

Maximizing the "Receive Buffer" size

Applicable in Windows

For operating GigE cameras, it is recommended to set the receive buffer size (so-called receive descriptors) of the network card to its maximum value. Note that not all network cards provide this option.

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