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HySpex hardware installation

Connect to HySpex camera

Start Breeze the start menu should look like this

Open setting by pressing the settings button

Press “Hardware” in the left menu

Under “Primary camera” open the drop-down menu and select “HySpex SDK”

After you have selected the HySpex SDK, you need to find the ground folder. Press the “Browse” button to the right of the “Settings folder”.

Locate the HySpex ground folder. If you have purchased a computer from HySpex with the camera setup the folder is usually located on the desktop of the computer. When you have located the folder press “Open”.

Wait until the camera has been found. You should then see the name of your camera under “Type” (If you have more then one camera turned on and connected you can press the drop-down menu to see the different cameras).

In “Lens” you can select which type of lens you have attached to the camera.

When you have selected the right camera and lens you can set the Frame rate (and additonal settings under “Advanced”). When you are done press the “Connect” button.

Connecting scanner table

Under “Selected Sample Mover” press the drop-down menu and select “HySpex Stepper table”

Press “Connect”.

After the stepper table is connected press “Advanced”

In the hidden menu that appears you can set different locations on the table.

If you press the “Move to” buttons the table will move to the set location.

Connection troubles

If you have trouble connecting to either the cameras or the table, start by making sure all cables are firmly connected and the power is on. Turn off “HyspexGround” and restart Breeze.

If you still have a problem connecting the camera. Turn off Breeze and start “HySpexGround”. If you can't connect to the cameras in HyspexGround contact HySpex support:

If you can connect to the cameras and tables in HyspexGorund but not Breeze contact us at:

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