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Quantification of properties

Quantification of properties in a sample using one of the following quantification models:

  • PLS

  • Machine Learning

For more information on how to train a quantification model see the Quantification of powder samples tutorial.



Choose a user-created quantification model.


Choose which property from the quantification model to visualize in the table view.

Pixel prediction

✅ Includes prediction of each pixel and visualization of the pixel prediction on the object.

⬜ Do not include the prediction or visualization


Smooth prediction result using median filter kernel

  • None

    • No Smoothing prediction.

  • Low

    • Smoothing using median filter kernel with 5x5 pixel box

  • Medium

    • Smoothing using median filter kernel with 10x10 pixel box

  • High

    • Smoothing using median filter kernel with 15x15 pixel box

Show Train/Test column in table

Adds an additional column in table showing if the object was part of Train or Test set

✅ Add Train/Test column

⬜ Do not add Train/Test column

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