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Train / Test

Enhance your data table by including a new column titled 'Train/Test'. This column will categorize each sample (row) in your table, indicating whether it is used in the training set or the test set for your classification or quantification model.

Select model in Analys Tree and select “Show Train/Test column in the table”

Train/Test column shown in table

To modify the inclusion status of a sample in the model, right-click on the desired sample. You can then choose whether to include it as part of the 'Train' set, the 'Test' set, or to exclude it entirely from the model.

After making any changes, press the 'Retrain' button to apply these updates to the model

Set each sample to 'Train', 'Test', or 'Exclude' from the model. Click 'Retrain' to update the model with these changes.

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