For more information on INNO-SPEC cameras please see:

For some increase in performance (offloading the CPU) install the Photonfocus GigE Vision Filter Driver, available as part of the Breeze installation or from Photonfocus:


  "DeviceName"        : "InnoSpecPhotonFocusCamera",
  "CameraType"        : "GigE XXX.YYY.ZZZ.LLL",
  "CorrectionMode"    : "OffsetGainHotpixel", // optional, default = "OffsetGainHotpixel"
  "TriggerSource"     : "Line0",
  "TriggerActivation" : "FallingEdge", // or "RisingEdge" or "AnyEdge",
  "TriggerDelay"      : 0, // Default = 0
  "TriggerMode"       : false, // Default = false
  "BinningSpatial"    : 1, // Default = 1
  "BinningSpectral"   : 1, // Default = 1
  "SpectralRoi"       : "1" // optional, default = "1"


Select the mode of fixed pattern noise (FPN) correction. The Offset correction is based on a internal black reference image stored in the camera from the manufacturer. The Gain correction is based on a grey reference image, collected using mid intensity uniform lighting. If the hot pixel correction is switched on, the camera replaces the value of a defect pixel by an average of its neighbor pixels.

  • Off

    • No correction.

  • Offset

    • Only Offset correction.

  • OffsetHotpixel

    • Offset and Hotpixel correction.

  • Hotpixel

    • Only Hotpixel correction.

  • OffsetGain

    • Offset and Gain correction.

  • OffsetGainHotpixel

    • Offset, Gain and Hotpixel correction.


Default available TriggerSources are Line0 and Line1. Additional sources can be added if the BreezeProperties.xml (Breeze properties) files is edited to add additional values in a semicolon separated. Located the following line and added the desired additional sources


To, for the addition of Timer0Start as available TriggerSource:



  • RisingEdge

    • Specifies that the trigger is considered valid on the rising edge of the source signal.      

  • FallingEdge

    • Specifies that the trigger is considered valid on the falling edge of the source signal.

  • AnyEdge

    • Specifies that the trigger is considered valid on the falling or rising edge of the source signal.


If TriggerMode is true then frames will only be produced by the camera when the trigger condition is met


You can set Multiple Regions of Interest (MROI) in the spectral dimension. Up to 128 different regions of interest are configurable.

Vertical starting position and height of a MROI-region must be a multiple of 2.


Streaming error

If data packages stream from the camera are bigger than the MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) set on the NIC (Network Interface Card) limitations in the steaming performance may be noted.

Try increasing this value to 9000.

On Windows this means setting Jumbo Frames on the network adapter.

How-to Inspect sensor

To inspect sensor values you can use Photonfocus PFViewer (