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v2024.2 (May 29, 2024)

Splash 2024.2

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🚀 We're excited to announce the release of Breeze 2024.2.0! This version brings a suite of major upgrades designed to enhance your hyperspectral analysis experience with new tools, functionalities, and a refined interface. Check out the detailed features and enhancements that are part of this significant update.

Explore the new features and download the update at

🌟 Major Enhancements

New Tools for Data Segmentation and Analysis

  • YOLOv8 for Object Detection: Incorporate the latest in object detection technology with YOLOv8 to identify and classify objects within your datasets more accurately.

  • Enhanced Model Wizard: Enjoy more granular control over your data with features like individual segmentation selection, detailed classification summaries, and selection by binning.

User Interface

Improved Data Handling

  • Generic Sample Movers: Integrate seamlessly with external systems using our new HTTP Sample Mover and LucidControl Sample Mover .

  • Advanced Import/Export Tools: Streamline your workflows with a new combined tab for importing and exporting data, including depth intervals from Breeze Geo.

Extended File Support and Model Management

  • PAM Image Format Support: Broaden your data compatibility with support for PAM image formats.

  • Telops SC Image Format Support: Import and explore datacubes from Telops. See Import data guide for more details on supported formats.

  • Copy Models Feature: Easily duplicate studies without losing the original models and settings.

  • Enhanced Pixel Management: Right-click to import spectrum, save, and import pixel masks for detailed manual segmentation. Also set spectral filters with Include / Exclude.


🛠 Minor Updates

Data Visualization and Export Improvements

  • Model Data Descriptors: New descriptors for showing Ycalc and Ycalc CV values directly in the model table.

  • Enhanced Table Interactions: Improved search functionality, tooltips, and information displays enhance user interaction with data tables.

  • Export Options: Now, easily export Ycalc and Ycalc CV matrices directly from the model.

User Experience and Stability Enhancements

  • Memory Enhancements: Breeze now remembers your settings for pixels and wavelengths even when changing pretreatments, enhancing consistency across sessions.

  • Visual Enhancements: Newly added discreet icons and auto-fit table features improve the visual management of data.

  • Java Upgrade and API Compatibility: Upgraded to Java 22 and updated IDS to peak API version 2.9 for better performance and compatibility.

🎯 Optimized User Interface and Interactions

  • Pretreatment Applications: Apply pretreatments not only to your main dataset but also to SAM end members, ensuring consistency across all data analyses.

  • Visual Markers in Tables: Mark selected visualization columns in the table headers for better visibility and quicker access.

Thank you for choosing Breeze! Dive into a more powerful and user-friendly hyperspectral imaging experience with Breeze 2024.2.0. Enjoy exploring the new dimensions of data analysis with enhanced precision and ease.

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