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v2022.2 (October 24, 2022)

Modelling and algorithms

Image segmentation

  • Shape file image segmentation Shapefile

  • Dimension (number of pixels) for each selection when using representative spectrum

  • White reference extraction from image


  • Unispectral Monarch II camera supported for data acquisition Unispectral

  • Hyspex dual camera data acquisition with merging and aligning of image data with Key point detection (SURF, SIFT and ORB) and RANSAC, and detector jump adjustments

  • Record length can be set in seconds

Data import and export

  • Envi classification format (use with for example QGIS), is available as a format for exporting classifications in image data.

  • Data ignore value in Envi files is handled

  • YOLOv5 annotation format for export of spectral images

Visualization and interaction

  • Histogram for properties and predicted variables in Table

  • More colors options for classification categories

  • Pixel tooltip for mouse pointer in legend panel for measurement image

  • Spectral filters can selected in Pixel Explore

  • Pretreatments steps can be shown in Analyse Tree, more on Pretreatments

  • Rename study or models in overview

  • Invert selection in plots and images

  • Copy comments to clipboard

BREEZE GEO Requires separate license

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