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v2023.2 (April 4, 2023)

New features

More interaction between image and spectrum, better overview of available descriptors/segmentations, drill core depth registration, more cameras supported, and general bug fixes and improvements.

Modelling and algorithms

  • Band math descriptor for calculating functions from spectral data

  • Single band image in Pixel Explore

    Image for single spectral band in Pixel Explore

  • Change Spectral filter (SNV, etc) in Explore panel on Study and Group level

  • Spectral plot in model wizard shows the spectrum after the applied pretreatments (SNV, etc.)

  • Improved Savitzky-Golay pretreatment to better handle the start and end bands of the spectrum


  • New systems supported

    • INNO-SPEC RedEye 1.7 camera (INNO-SPEC)

    • Resonon Pika L/XC2/UV cameras (Resonon)

    • Resonon Pika IR and Pika IR+ cameras (Resonon)

    • Lucid Control AO4 analog module output for sending analog voltage or current as part of a workflow. (Lucid Control (Action))

  • HySpex binary header file saved in Record when doing data acquisition from HySpex camera

  • Performance improvements of integration with Basler cameras

  • Fixed issues with controlling INNO-SPEC stepper table

Visualization and interaction

  • New menu in Analyze Tree for adding Segmentations / Descriptors / Actions

    Menu for adding functions to your Analyse Tree

  • Set RGB bands and transform multiple images (crop, bin etc) on Study and Group level by right-clicking on thumbnail

  • Explore spectral data for recorded measurements in Breeze Client

  • Wavelength selection table in Pixel Explore

    Wavelength selection table in Pixel Explore

  • Sort Study, Group or Measurement by date or name

  • Filter segmentations and descriptors according to key word

  • Cancel button for Selection in Samples and Wavelengths steps in Model wizard

  • Pin spectrum to Spectral plot from selected area in Explore plots

    Pin spectrum to Spectral plot in Pixel Explore

General bug fixes and performance improvements

  • Optimisations in calculations and parallelisation enhances speed and performance (update to .NET 7)

  • Fixed a number of smaller bugs

Breeze Geo

  • Depth registration through a graphical interface

    • Use the mouse to select and enter start/end depth, core, ruble, loss

    • Apply automatic segmentation of sample from selected depth registration (for example of drill cores)

Drill core depth registration

BREEZE GEO Requires separate license

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